No Shortcuts Taken

When 'Craft' is used describe your product, you MUST back it up

Craft Cannabis: What’s the difference?

Cheap cannabis isn’t fooling anyone.  Regardless if you are new to procuring cannabis on the legal market or a well-seasoned expert: everyone can spot the difference in craft. 


Thnink of buying a steak at a fast-food establishment vs a 5-Star restaurant. 


But what makes it different? 

  • Is it the quality of the strain you are working with?
  • Is it the size of the environment it was grown in?
  • Is it the money spent on cultivation equipment or technology?


While each one of those can contribute to a better product, the largest factor is the passion and dedication it takes to cover all aspects of producing cannabis.


If all the boxes have been checked in cultivation, you have only achieved half your goal.  The focus on post-harvest is equally as important to achieving a product worthy of craft.

The best grower in the world will never be able to replicate their product on a commercial level without a passionate team around them.  

When one decides to turn their love of cannabis into a career, they must be willing to bring that passion onto the operations floor each and every day. 

There is a great difference in working cannabis on a small scale and on a commercial level.  Mistakes are not as easy to overcome and once realized, those mistakes can be demoralizing.  The passion that existed when the journey first began must overcome the feeling of being lost.  The passion must fuel you through the long hours of mundane work required to ensure plants are running the way you intend them to.    

This is where dedication is needed.  In order to ensure your plants are living their optimal life you must ask yourself:

  • Have you checked each plant each day?
  • Have you taken your daily measurements?
  • Have you monitored your environment?
  • Did you perform phase maintenance?

There really is not blueprint for craft cannabis, one must listen to the plant. 

There is a lot to say about a person who can walk into a room with thousands of plants and immediately know if they need to pivot from their agenda. 

The same approach must be taken after you harvest the plant.  Are your plants drying based on a predetermined time period or are they allowed to individually based on the time they determine?  Are you using machines to expedite task better suited for manual work?  Are you curing and if so, are you letting the product tell you when to lock it in?

This is just a small look at what goes into craft cannabis.  Attention to quality and detail must be placed above all else.  While shortcuts may provide a quicker time to sale or increase in production, the impact on the final product will be noticeable.  RiverRun Gardens believes craft cannabis is the only option.