RiverRun takes great pride in preserving cannabis trichomes and delivering the best possible flower to consumers.  After plants have properly dried, they are debudded by hand and cured on schedule based on their individual needs.  When ready, the Post-Artist team carefully manicures each bud to ensure only Tier 1 and 2 buds make a dram. 

Available In: Eighths & Quarters


People who work in the cannabis industry often refer to pre-rolls being the ‘hotdog’ of products.  The majority of pre-rolls on the market are made from trim that has been sifted of kief, ultimately making the pre-roll so far removed from its tested cannabinoid profile that it should be considered a crime.  Since ethics is our highest priority, RiverRun approaches pre-rolls in a manner that others would never entertain.  RiverRun pre-rolls are made from WHOLE BUD!  Another thing worth mentioning: our pre-rolls are hand packed.  Trust us, we’ve looked into the machines that everyone else use, but after many failures, it was determined our material was too resinous to operate as advertised.  So when you enjoy a RiverRun pre-roll, know that you are getting a pre-roll made the same way you would if you had ground the flower and packed it yourself.

Available In: 1g, .5g, .5g Two Packs and .5g Multi-Packs